Why Us?

York Insurance Agency is an independent, boutique insurance broker offering a fully personalized and collaborative take on insurance planning and implementation for both personal and commercial clients. No personal policy is too small, no commercial policy is too big. Looking for a niche or specialty insurance policy for an uncommon risk? We have you covered as well. With the ability to write custom coverage across 150+ insurance carriers nationwide and an extensive network of surplus coverage providers extending outside U.S. Territory, have peace of mind knowing you are covered virtually everywhere on planet earth.

The York Insurance Agency experience means your coverage is ‘shopped’ annually among our network of premier coverage providers to ensure you retain the best possible price for your desired coverage and more money in your pocket for the things you love.

We pride ourselves on building true, personal relationships with each and every client, underwriter and carrier- something the big guys with robots simply can’t offer. Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product and entrusting your financial well-being to an insurance provider, whether for personal or commercial insurance coverage, is a responsibility we take seriously.

The best part of our day consists of what our clients have coined, ‘hypothetical phone calls.’ They typically include a variation of the phrase, “What if I accidentally…” Brainstorming risk scenarios through collaboration with our clients and carriers not only provides excellent conversation but also reveals trends in risk exposure and creates an environment that constantly expands our agency’s expertise in any given coverage area as the industry adapts and changes to meet the ever-growing technological and regulatory landscape over time.

Contact us today to experience the difference quality, custom insurance coverage can make when delivered by an independent agency that is genuinely invested in your unique liability protection from a sincerely customer service-oriented team.